Superb summer spots for guys that are interested in history

Every country as well as city possess its own unique history. Nonetheless, there are some countries which are literally a paradise for individuals that are interested in history.

One of such these countries is Lithuania. There are a lot of cheap flights to Lithuania, thus this trip might be done as a budget trip. Furthermore, it doesn’t really matter if you are interested in the old history or the modern one. In both cases, you would find plenty of attractive and interesting places for yourself in Lithuania (click). If you like older history, you will unquestionably love the Kernave



Archaeological Museum, which is placed in eastern Lithuania. It is enough to mentioned that this outstanding museums is listed n the UNESCO list! There is also wonderful Kernave Archaeological Site, where you can see remains of the medieval town. For instance, if you like the modern history, you should unquestionably visit the Paneriai Memorial. That museum is dedicated to all victims of the Holocaust. Furthermore, there is also the KGB museum (also called the Museum of Genocide Victims). This museum is dedicated to the period under the Soviet rule as well as to repression against Lithuanian citizens.


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In case to visit the second country, which is a paradise for history fans, you should take one of a lot of cheap flights to Russia. When you are there, you will have a chance to discover places and sites where many crucial historical events took place . For instance, if you visit St Petersburg, you could visit the Church of the Saviour on Blood, which was built on the place where Tsar Alexander II was killed in 1881.

You could also see the Winter Palace, where the October Revolution started. If you visit Moscow, you would have a chance to see the Kremlin, that is Russia’s historical and political centre. There is also famousRed Square and tons of other places, which every history fan knows for sure.