Awesome places it is worth to visit during the weekend

Many people think, that weekend is not enough to visit a different country and visit some new places. Actually, it is not quite true.

There are many places that are just superb for weekend trip. Moreover, it is quite cheap to reach them because of many cheap flight tickets available.

Autor: Phalinn Ooi

At this moment, there are tons of cheap flights to Riga, which is just superb for a weekend trip. When you are there, you will have an opportunity to admire incredible architecture, from Modernism to Gothic, from simple wooden buildings, as well as modern ones. Everything depends on that part of the city you would go. 1 thing is sure – lots of tourists say, that Riga has 1 of the most gorgeous as well as interesting architecture in the whole world (he wrote about this). Furthermore, Riga has many very interesting museums. One of them is E.g. the Museum of Occupation, where you will have an opportunity to become familiar with sad but highly interesting part of the country’s history.


Autor: Roman Boed

There are also plenty of cheap flights Cyprus. Even though it is a little further, weekend is just enough if you plan it carefully. For example, you can take a flight on Friday right after leaving the job . As a result of this, you will spend the first night in Cyprus, and on Saturday morning you will be able to discover this marvelous place. Furthermore, as the choice of plane tickets to Cyprus is really big now, you will be able to book a return flight very late on Sunday.

As a result of this, you will be able to enjoy 2 whole days in Cypurs. Such trip is specially good during the winter, when the weather in your country is cold as well as depressing. This short trip to sunny Cyprus will definitely give you plenty of energy as well as optimism!

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