Do you know how to do trade in east nations?

Globalisation has combined the countries. Today, everybody lives in a huge global village which is linked each other making use of the Internet. Nevertheless, when it goes to trade, it is essential to know that in some regions of globe there are some regulations which make the worldwide even larger and not so available for other cultures and products.

A great instance of such a nation can be the Russian Federation where is necessary to posses the special gost certification to be able to make certain deals with the nation.

Due to gost-r, each company can promote their items in countries like Ukraine, the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and Republic of Belarus.

Here are countless frequently asked concerns which issue the document. Many of them are:What is the gost-r license?The certificate is a paper that confirms that the items meet the requirements set by the standards of the Russian Federation. The documentation in Russia is just equivalent to different certification like CE, ISO and TUV-DIM.

Gost r certificate / certificationWhy is necessary certification in Russian Federation?The license is required for exports to the Russian Federation. Russian federation has its own method of excellence (GOST-R). At present, the document is required for the Customs Office and for all customers who want to trade their products in the Russian Federation. The document should be presented during customs clearance.Is the GOST-R credentials known in other places besides the Russian Federation?

egzamin na otrzymanie certyfikatu

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The Russian certifications are recognized in Belarus and Kazakhstan. All countries of the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) adapt to criteria of GOSSTANDART.
What is the certification of serial production for 1 year.
It is a certificate for mass manufacturing, but just for 1 year. To obtain a document it is required: – product testing , the official papers from the business including duplicates of the ISO 9000 certificates. Here is no control of the experts from Russia so the expenses for buying the GOST document are lower. This document is very alike to the certificate which is issued for 3 years, the just distinction is the time of validity.
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