Planes as the most favorite sort of transportations

As EU get bigger and bigger, continent’s territory seem to shrink. Earlier financiers had their contacts in different cities in their home country. Nowadays, they partners are spread all around the Europe, and sometimes even further. Thanks to cheap airline corporations, businessmen are capable to trip fast, comfortable and in nice prices. It last only two hours to fly from Warsaw to Paris, quick cab from airport and, during 3 hours, you are at the meeting at the Champ de Elysees. But most of all, cheap airline tickets are good for travel area. Nowadays, European people are visiting cities, they never wish to be seen.

Business trip

People, who are traveling because of their job, usually doing it in the middle of the week. Very often, they booked airline tickets at the last call, cause sometimes they just don’t know, where and when their work would lead them. They are staying day or two in destination point at lunches and suppers with partners, and then they are flying back home. Sometimes, employer organize company retreat for his employees. He is paying for a airplane, reserving hotel rooms, and buy free dinner and alcohol. Travels like that, are often planned in advance, couple months earlier.


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Longer weekends

A lot of tourists, mainly young marriages with friends, are arranging short tours to different countries, lasting shorter then three days. Often, they are traveling by airplane, searching for low-price airline tickets few months earlier, to find the best deal. Their goals are big metropolis with plenty of heritages, good restaurants and rich nightlife. Usually, they are sleeping in cheap hotels, situated in the city center (read there). This is the finest option, since they are just using they room for sleep. They wake up early morning, eating brunch (included in price), going out to see galleries and museum, walking trough old town. Then quick lunch and again some gallery or zoo. At night, one or two drinks in nearest pub. Other days are the same. It is very short but intense way of traveling, really good for people who don’t have a lot of free time.



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Plenty families are choosing airplane as their sort of transportation to the vacations. Times, when family of 4 collected their bags into small car to drive over three hundred kilometers, to the nearest seaside, are over. In present, a couple months earlier summer parents are buying offer in travel agency, including airplane, hotel, free food and drinks all day long. The only think they have to be worried about, is to forget their airline tickets and documents Younger tourists, mostly students, are organizing holidays for themselves. They looking for low-price flights on line and booking the best hostel in town, nearest to the city center. They prefer to eat in local restaurants, getting to know regional food. In hotels they are having only breakfasts.

Because of low prices of airline tickets, tourists are planning their holiday along with airfield’s schedules. Planes became most interesting transportation vehicles, not only for international flights, but also for local ones. Nothing special in that, it is far more comfortable, quick and, most of the times, cheap way to travel.